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now at 6:00, icy roads, power outages and flight cancellations, a dangerous and deadly winter storm is moving east and we could feel the effects tomorrow. plus, nelson mandela's family speaking out for the first time since his death. and a costly crime spree. see the damage done in one d.c. neighborhood. good evening, i'm adam toss it's the calm before the storm. winter weather blasted the midwest from texas to tennessee. subfreezing temperatures, snow and ice and we're going to get
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hit with snow, sleet and freezing rain tomorrow. state highway crews already treating local roads. and warning people to avoid driving if possible. tonight we're on storm watch. da darsie spencer has more. >> this just in, a winter weather advisory has been issued for washington and areas of southern maryland. areas back to the west after a winter storm watch. now these weather alerts will begin tomorrow morning, and they're going to run through monday morning. the greatest concern with the system will be freezing rain it could lead to power outages, especially for areas to the west of the district if we can switch computers over to max 22 where i can show you the winter storm watch and winter weather advisory, again that goes from sunday morning through monday morning, again, the greatest concern will be freezing rain. so here's what you can expect. morning snow, getting into the
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afternoon hours, we're dealing with sleet and freezing rain. most areas will see mainly rain then overnight. here's what you can expect for the snowfall forecast. that's not the greatest concern. again, it will be the ice. so up to an inch in the d.c. metro area, three inches back to the west. significant icing is possible. for montgomery county. portions of northern prince george's county, the district and fairfax and back to the west. i'll be back in just over ten minutes, showing you future weather, hour by hour throughout your day tomorrow, adam. thanks, amelia. and our team coverage continues tonight with darcie spencer, live in alexandria where road crews and people gearing up for the nasty winter weather, hey, darcy. >> i'm getting excited about the idea that we're going to get some potentially significant weather here tomorrow. and obviously people are getting ready. we're here in the old town hardware store earlier today. they still have some shovels left. although there was a pretty big run on them earlier today.
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obviously you got to stock up on your ice melt. we're expected to get some significant ice potentially and people are basically just getting ready for whatever happens. early this morning, virginia department of transportation crews were getting their trucks ready in pretreating area roadways in advance of sunday's expected snow, sleet and freezing rain. transportation officials encouraging people to get their preps done today and stay home during the storm. >> try it stay off the roads sunday. we really need to be able to treat those roads and keep them passable for emergencies and all. we ask people to please stay off the road on sunday. >> at the walmart store on georgia avenue in northwest d.c., people were stocking up. not only getting ready for the storm, but getting ready for christmas. >> it's always excellent to be prepared. for anything. plus i like to cook and my family has to eat. >> we're actually getting ready for a big christmas party right now. haven't even considered the snow. so all of this shopping, may
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serve double duty for the christmas party and for the big snowstorm. >>nd in alexandria, the old town hardware store was busy today, people buying shovels and ice melt, as well as holiday lights. >> people buying shovels and salt and anything that's going to help them clear their sidewalks, if we get the icy weather that they're proposing we get. >> so again, the idea is to be prepared. again going out and getting the shoveling if you don't already have one. again transportation officials want to you get your errands done tonight, whether you're doing holiday shopping or getting ready for the storm. and come tomorrow when we experience this weather, they want you to be off the roads so they can get them cleared. reporting live from alexandria, darcie spencer, news4. the victim in an overnight deadly shooting has been identified. d.c. police say 32-year-old lamont hall was found after midnight on bates street in the truckston circle area.
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police are investigating, who word on a suspect. they're offering up to $25,000 for information that leads to an arrest. and investigation tonight in prince george's county, after a man was murdered in a parking lot in suitland. officers called to suitland road at silver hill road at 3:00 this morning for a welfare check. found a man lying in a parking lot with a gunshot wound no word on a motive, officers have not identified the vimg. thnch this comes a day after prince george's county police said violent crime is down 15%. 27% drop in property crime. police chief says in last ten years, the county has averaged about 126 homicides a year, the last year the county only will 64 homicides this year mcgoss says the county romaines well below that number. about a dozen cars vandalized overnight in northwest. residents near new york avenue say this were woken up with broken windows and ransacked
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back seats. news4's derrick ward talks to people about more. >> neighbors are talking like neighbors do, a typical saturday is city scene, but these people have more in common than a zip code. they're all the victims of people who went on an overnight blitz with parked cars. >> i saw two or three other spots with glass broken and i said oops, it's going to be my car, too. >> here along this stretch of new york avenue, a gateway to the city, it tep fis development, vest detention, commercial, thriving. dozens of cars were hit and it looks like some things were stolen. >> my girlfriend's prescription glasses, some sunglasses of mine. >> some items were untouched. one victim didn't realize her car had been targeted. >> i got in my car and noticed it was really cold and i looked back and realized my passenger rear window had been smashed.
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>> not just this is a busy stretch of new york avenue. it's what's just across the intersection there -- that's a police station. >> it's pretty surprising, i mean nobody has ever seen anything like that happen over in this area. >> well some in the area say it's not the first time parked cars have been hit. regardless, it couldn't have come at a worse time. >> the money does hurt. it's not the inconvenience of having to delay all of my plans of buying a christmas tree today and in order to get my window fixed. >> what's more, you don't want an open car window when snow and sleet are in the forecast. >> this is what happens when you live in the city, i guess. three days since learning of nelson mandela's death and the commemorations continue to pour in in johannesburg people are singing and celebrating the anti-apartheid leader. tod today mandala's family issued their first statement. saying they lost a great man, a
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son of the soil. tracie potts reports from south africa where thousands are expected to gather next week. >> reporter: in south africa today, alongside celebrations, there is deep mourning. >> people are gradually accepting it. though it's difficult. we are get to terms with the fact that he is gone. >> reporter: mandala's grandchildren greeted mourners. despite his long illness, accepting mandala's death has been difficult. >> we have lost a great man. son of the soil. whose greatness in our family was in the simplicity of his nature. in our midst. >> reporter: in johannesburg, mandala square is crowded with people paying their respects. >> he is so great. he, he liberated my grandmother. he liberated my grandfather. he made things easy.
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>> the jailer in charge of mandala during the 27 years he was imprisoned at robben island said ha deeba was like a father to him. >> he made an announcement to everybody, this person was my warder, this person was my friend. >> the nation is preparing for a week of memorials. an event scheduled at the soccer stadium. after that, mandala's body will lie in state until friday and preparations are under way for burial next sunday in the family village of quequnu where an ete flame burns. >> he will be looking over us and looks at us. and says -- ha ha ha, i know you're going to do it now i'm gone. >> that's nbc's tracie potts. coming up next, the draumgtic scene was caught on dashcam video, the officer who
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shot into a minivan pulling of children learns his fate with the department. plus a warning for pet owners in northern virginia,
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[ gunfire ]. the police officer that shot
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into a minivan full of children has been fired. a police dash cam caught the whole thing in the video you see several kiz getting out of the minivan as the mother argues with police, after the confrontation, the woman tried to drive off. the officer says he fired at her trying to protect others from harm. $20,000 worth of u.p.s. packages were destroyed today before they could make it to their destinations. a delivery truck caught fire at a warehouse in landover. it's not clear how the fire started. no one was hurt. u.p.s. has not said how it will compensate customers whose packages were destroyed in the fire. animal control officers in northern virginia say they've captured five raccoons in the mount vernon area and one tested positive for a disease. canine distemper is highly contagious and can be deadly for dogs. the now warning pet owners to make sure their dogs are vaccinated. you should take your dog to the vet if you see any symptoms appear. still ahead, storm team 4
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tracking the conditions as a new weather system moves
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>>well dulles international airport turnpiked into the north pole for a group of special kids today, united airlines teamed up with children's hospice international for the event that brings children with terminal illnesses to a man-made north pole. united flew in the kids and when they landed, the airport was
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transformed, santa and mrs. clause were there. the raising presidents from nats park, the redskins cheerleaders and rojd mcdonald was there. too. it doesn't look like tomorrow will be a good day for flying. we should be getting our ice skates raedeke. >> we're going to be dealing with everything tomorrow. starting off the snow, changing to sleet, then freezing rain and then eventually rain overnight into early monday. the biggest concern with the storm system like i said earlier is going to be freezing rain. a good idea, something you need to do right now, download the storm team 4 weather app, follow all the storm team 4 meteorologists on twitter. we'll be tweeting, updating our facebook pages as the storm system moves in and evolves during the day tomorrow. on the weather app you can get radar and with it, you'll see exactly what's happening if you're dealing with snow or freezing rain and when it transitions over to rain. here's what we're looking at for the ice forecast. some icing is possible in southern prince george's county
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through anne arundel county. up through fairfax, montgomery county. frederick, loudoun, fauquier, prince william county. it could lead to slick roads and power out annals tomorrow. a winter storm watch for the areas in blue. arlington, fairfax and montgomery. think it will transition into a winter storm warning during the evening hours, a winter weather advisory is in effect for southern maryland, the district and prince george's county. this goes tomorrow morning through monday morning. the areas under the winter storm watch, you have a greater concern of dealing with more ice accumulation as well as more snow accumulation. so let's time it out. 10:00, 11:00 a.m., snow arrives and we continue to see snow through about 1:00 p.m. during the afternoon hours. we start to see some sleet before the transitions over to freezing rain during the late afternoon and early evening
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hours. >> 5:00 p.m., southern maryland is starting to see mainly rain, look at the areas in pink, washington, northern prince george's county, fairfax, prince william, loudoun, fairfax, and the freezing rain lasts into monday morning for those areas back to the west of the d.c. net ro area. temperatures right now in the 30s. lows tonight will be in the 20s. and tomorrow, during the day, temperatures will hover, just below the freezing mark. so here's what you can expect -- 7:00 a.m., cold, dry, 29 degrees. we're seeing snow at 11:00 a.m., 31 degrees at that point. sleet and freezing rain at 3:00 p.m., a temperature of 29. freezing rain, 7:00 p.m. it doesn't end there. we're seeing pockets of freezing rain for the monday morning commute. i do think washington for the morning commute on monday, will be seeing mainly rain. and then there's a chance of rain and snow on tuesday, a high of 39. i've tweeted out the ice map and the snow forecast.
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and again, adam, we're looking at snow to sleet to freezing rain the biggest concern with the system will be the freezing rain later in the day tomorrow. >> it looks like it could be a mess. well the nbc 4 allstate community shred was a huge success. more than 2200 cars pulled up to drop off their unwanted documents and leftover junk today. this year's shred was held at prince george's community college in largo. the news4 community shred happens every year just before the holg days. toor more information on the next event, go to coming up, georgetown runs and
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. jason is here with a look at sports, georgetown/colgate. >> georgetown playing some good basketball. a very experienced basketball team and jt 3 is happy. georgetown like every other team in the country is playing their nonconference schedule and so far the hoyas are beating up on the competition, today much the same against colgate. georgetown students taking a break before final exams start next week. started the game on a 10-0 run. they kept it up. hopkins gets the steal here. he's going the other way.
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finish -- georgetown keeps on rolling. they're up by seven. hopkins had nine points, second half, time to go inside. down low to joshua smith, the big guy getting it done. he a team-high 14 points. georgetown is up 34-2. colgate, the top three-point shooting team in the country. murphy bernatows can everyone i shows you why, but the hoyas just too much. start the senior gets to the rack, he would finish, 12 points for him. georgetown a 61-55 winner. now taking ten days off for exams. over at american, the eagles taking on brown. let's fast forward to the second half, a.u. trailing by four. john shelf knocking down the three-pointer brings the eagles within one. later on eagles still trailing. a little give and go here, he ends up with the flush. eagles down just three. but brown, would hit some big
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shots down the stretch. shot mcgonigal, knocks the shot down, they beat a.u. 72-67. good news for wizards fans, martel webster said he's expecting to play this monday versus denver. last night he left the game against the bucks after spraining his ankle at the end of the first quarter. he had to be carried off the court. he took a few jump shots after practice today. all right, in high school football, congratulations to briarwoods, their 27-25 win over purvis they'll be going for their fourth straight virginia state chouampionship next weeke. joining them will be the undefeated centreville wildcats, they're up 14-7, scott walter at the sweep. right into the end zone, 25-yard scoring play, 21-7 wild katsz, third quarter, walter with the a
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short connection to aj turner and he does the rest. 45-yard score, centreville is going to state with a 35-14 win over westfield. in baltimore, here's amelia's alma mater. middletown taking for the maryland two-way state title. rocking the mohawks, tim sh schumach schumacher. and middletown takes advantage temporarily. beronee avoid the rush. they would win their third consecutive state championship with a -- clap it up, please. 17-3 win. >> don't know if amelia is going to rock the mohawk. >> you never know, you never know, for the knights i might do it. let's talk a little hockey now. the capitals return to the ice tonight. hosting the nashville predators.
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it also marks the return of a very familiar face. matt hendricks spent three seasons with the caps, he wasn't an all-star, not a leader in scoring. but hendricks was a blue collar guy that came to work every single day. he played his butt off. his teammates loved him. now he's on the opposing team. for him, this reunion is a business trip. >> i'd like to leave with a win. that's probably the best way, the best way it could go. i would just like to see our team getting back to playing the hockey that we're capable of. i think we've gotten away from it a little bit. there's still a good hockey team in here. we need to come out and play, a good few years, a lot of fun. made some good friends, but this is more of a business trip than anything. hopefully, at the moemgt we need to get back on track, get out and get back on the road and get to work and win some hockey games. >> the puck drops at 7:00 p.m. for the capitals and the redskins in action tomorrow against the chiefs. >> thank you very much, jason. that's the news for now,
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"nightly news" up next, we'll be back with news4 at 11:00 with a look at the updated forecast. >> winter weather advisory now in effect for washington, that's going to start sunday morning. and that's going to go through monday morning. here's your snowfall forecast. one to three inches for areas like northern montgomery, loudoun, frederick county. a dusting to an inch for the district. the bigger concern, though, will be the ice. the freezing rain. i've tweeted out the map. you can head to my twitter page, my facebook page to see that here's the seven-day, 33 for a high tomorrow, again, snow to sleet to freezing rain. that transition happens adam during the afternoon and evening hours, you want to stay off the roads tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. >> looks like today was the day to get everything do
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on this saturday night, home at last, for an american war veteran held prisoner by north korea for more than a month. the 85-year-old finally freed by his captors. what's behind his release? deadly freeze. tens of millions on alert tonight as two big storms grip much of the country. thousands stranded at airports, hundreds of thousands without power and there is more ice in the forecast. and remembering mandela, we're here in south africa as the country celebrates his life and prepares to say farewell. tonight, we look back

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